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White papers

Additional Thought Capital

Members of our team have published thought leadership which has contributed to innovation amongst our clients and across the healthcare ecosystem.  Examples include:

  • ‘Building Medical Insights Capabilities in Medical Affairs Organisations'

  • ‘Big Pharma R&D: Thinking Big, Acting Small’

  • ‘Real World Development: Increasing Value for Patients’

  • ‘Offshore Outsourcing in Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance’

  • ‘Making the most of Outsourcing and Offshoring’

  • ‘Performance Management in Medical Affairs’

  • ‘Putting the Patient First’

  • ‘Creating New Value for BioPharma’

  • ‘Capitalising on Patient Insights'

  • 'Reflections on Patient Centricity'

  • 'Medical Affairs 2025 - The Future of Medical Affairs'

  • ‘The R&D Headquarters of the Future’

  • 'The importance of insights to a successful Medical Affairs organisation'

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Industry fora

Our leaders have also organised many industry fora covering topics as diverse as:

  • Medical Operations

  • Real World Evidence

  • Regulatory Operations

  • Patient Centricity and Engagement

  • The Value of Medical Affairs


These have typically involved a range of stakeholders with varied backgrounds across health & life sciences.  Our fora encourage peer-to-peer dialogue, which is independently moderated and located in a non-promotional setting.  Several fora have led to meetings series which facilitate benchmarking, adoption of shared industry resolutions and accompanying white papers.

We are currently establishing a forum series examining digital innovation in patient value creation.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

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